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Heal the world

Our Digital Platform Enables Worldwide Currency, Real-Time Feedback, and Global Service Delivery to Generate and Reproduce Prosperity Benefits for Everyone.


We Consult Businesses to Make them More Efficient and Profitable; from P.R. and Customer Care Training to Employee Wellness Retreats, Executive Coaching,  Business Consulting - and beyond,

cash back rewards +Discounts to Members

WPN's Membership Rewards System offers special discounts and members-only sales, as well as 'Cash-Back' paid in WPN Currency or shopping with WPN Merchants.

is Currency for the People!

Prosperity Coin (WPN) is a digital currency based  on the Ethereum Blockchain that is transforming the way the world conducts business - to improve the world - for the better. 

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WPN is a World Community Solutions Provider. We tackle worldwide issues and turn them inside out to find the most efficient way to solve real-world problems that lead to more options and solutions. In other words, we design (and re-design) businesses with the end result in mind: PROSPERITY. 

What is prosperity coin?

A New Kind of Currency

Prosperity Coin (WPN) is a new digital currency designed to Stimulate the World Economy and Improve Global Living Standards. 

We invigorate digital commerce and global business by putting more money in the hands of the people and empowering Global Smart Communities to House, Rehabilitate, Educate, Employ, and Invest in the Homeless, Veterans, Low Wage Earners, Aspiring Artists,  Entrepreneurs, and Thinkers; according to their gifts and talents.

WPN Empowers, Invests in, and Consults Businesses to Grow, Thrive, and Invest in their Communities,  and empowers communities to Support Local and Global Business.

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World Prosperity

World Prosperity Network pursues its mission of supporting healthy and productive lifestyles for the community while empowering and connecting members, residents, and youth with resources and opportunities to achieve prosperity through wellness. personal development, philanthropy, and wealth.

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