In Our Society, No One Truly Teaches Us How to Think 0 we must personally seek it out for ourselves.

They say ‘the glass is half full’,  – and that we should always think positive.

Most People Don’t Know About the Absolute Power of The Subconscious Mind to Influence Behavior.



The subconscious mind controls over 80% of  your daily behavior.

This part of the mind works with images, sounds, taste, feelings, and emotions to create impressions that dictate behavior. 

The subconscious mind does not reason, judge, nor can it tell the difference between the past, present or future.  It is always ‘living in the now’. 

The subconscious mind has a total holographic memory of all our experiences, which it accesses frequently to help us survive and thrive.

Emotion always precedes the thought.  Any thought that is less than love, peace, security, or joy – has a negative emotion behind it, which si usually generated by fear. 

Negative subconscious beliefs are always debilitating.  Traumatic and unpleasant events become subconscious beliefs.
 Conscious thoughts lack power,  it is the emotion behind the thought that has the strength or weakness to manifest your desires and influence your behavior. 

The Subconscious does not distinguish between self and others,  nor does it distinguish between reality and what is imagined.  

When we release negative feelings, the body and mind will naturally will heal and return to homeostasis.

The subconscious mind can set you free.

Our daily lives are comprised of three things:  thoughts, emotions, and actions.  This is the sum total of all our experience as human beings.

When things go wrong, we must look to our thoughts and emotions for the answers.  

Count Your ]Negative or Positive Experiences as Learning with Joy, giving your subconscious mind the power to manifest more  goodness and prosperity!