Read These Affirmations Out Loud Daily for 30 Days or More.

Watch Your Life Change for The Better.

Prosperity- Sign

9 Affirmations for a Better Life

1.  LOVE is All You Need… but you also need joy, security, freedom, and peace.. all together – as one – in harmony.

2.  My mind is filled with thoughts of divine love, peace, joy, and forgiveness – especially for imPerfect self.

3.  My Mind is Amazing at Coming Up With Solutions.  My Body is Healthy, Fit, and Fabulous Thanks to My Muscle Memory and Health.  I’m Getting Better Every Day!

4.  I am Excited About  Tomorrow and At Peace With the Lessons of the Past.  I can Live in the Now and Enjoy Other’s Presence, as Well as My Own. I Love Being Me!

5.  The universal spirit of supply continually produces more than enough for everyone.  All I have to do is Dream of What I Want and It Will Arrive At The Perfect Time.

6. I let go of All Outcomes and Embrace the Natural Order of Life.  I Walk Forward; Palms, Open Wide. I Accept All and  Receive with Open Palms.

7.  There is enough love, prosperity, joy, and triumph for all.

8.  Everything Happens for a Reason; In its Own Perfect Timing.

9.  I am grateful for all that I have, including the infinite and abundant supply of love, which is available to me any time.


Believe –>  See –> Know –>  Manifest.